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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The Editorial Board receives only unpublished papers up to one year old.
  • The papers should be submitted in the form of a Word document. The paper may not
    contain data about the author(s).
  • The author should provide all personal data together with the ORCID ID ( in a separate document.
  • The paper must be written in accordance with the instructions for paper formatting stated on the CCPA web page (Author Guidelines).
  • When submitting the paper, the author(s) must not exceed the maximum permitted length, which is 60,000 characters with spaces.
  • Papers must be accompanied by an abstract (up to 150 words), summary (up to 300 words) and keywords (up to 7).
  • The author guarantees that the paper does not violate any copyright rules and that all ethical and professional standards have been followed. The author will be obliged to sign a Statement of Exclusivity, which will be provided by the Editorial Board.
  • Authors are obliged to submit papers in proofread British or American English.

Author Guidelines

  1.  Formatting

The paper should be submitted as a Word document, Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing.

The reference list should be listed at the end of the paper in Times New Roman, 11, single spacing

  1. Tables/graphs/pictures

All the tables/graphs/pictures should be placed in the appropriate place in the text and their source should be stated (Source: ).

In case the tables/graphs/pictures are taken directly from other publications the authors should provide a written statement by the publisher allowing them to reproduce the item.  

              3. Citation and reference list

3.1. The citations and reference list should follow to APA 6 citation style  (

This way of citing consists of in-text citation while the footnotes are used for further explanations.

The correct way of citing is to state the author's surname, year and page (if applicable) (Surname, 2005, p. 23; Surname & Surname, 2006, pp. 12-18). In case of three or more authors only the first author's surname is listed followed by the et al. (Surname et al., 2015).

Example 1: In Scandinavian countries these doctrines did not provoke any serious negative consequences for the local self-government (Koprić, 2006, p. 151).

Example 2:Some of the previous researches (Berman & Wang, 2000; Wang & Berman, 2001; Folz et al., 2009; Van Dooren, 2005; Salazar & de Arkos Martinez, 2013) have proven size to be important for performance measurement.” 

3.2. All the references should be stated at the end of the paper, listed alphabetically. Only those sources cited in the text can be inserted in the reference list.

The legal sources should be listed separately from other sources.

In case the reference points to a certain web page it is not necessary to state the date of visiting the page but the author should verify if the web link is functional.

If a reference contains the DOI number, it should be provided.

3.3. In case the reference is in a language other than English, in the reference list the translation into English should be included in square brackets.

3.4. Citing in the reference list:


Rule: Surname, I., & Surname, O. (year). Title. Place of publication, State: Publisher. DOI (if available)

Example: Koprić, I., Marčetić, G., Musa, A., Đulabić, V., & Lalić Novak, G. (2014). Administrative science. Zagreb, Croatia: Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb.

Chapter in the book
Rule: Surname, I. (year). Chapter title. In I. Surname (ed.) Book Title (ppr. XX-XX). Place, State: Published, DOI
Example: Manning, N., & Lau, E. (2016). Public management reforms across OECD countries. In T. Bovaird, & E. Loeffler (eds.) Public Management and Governance (3rd ed.) (pp. 39-54). London,UK: Routledge.

Paper published in journal
Rule: Surname, I. (year). Paper title. Journal title, volume(issue), XX- XX. Doi

Example: Koprić, I. (2011). Administrative Technology and General Administrative Procedure: Challenges and Changes in South-Eastern Europe. Hrvatska i komparativna javna uprava – Croatian and Comparative Public Administration, 11(2), 435–454.

Paper presented at a conference

Rule: Surname, I. (year). Paper/presentation title. Paper presented at Conference name. Place

Example: Ivanišević, S. (2010). Teritorial organization of local self government in European countries. Paper presented at the scientif round table organized by the Croatian Academy of Science „New local self-government“. Zagreb.


Rule: Author/Organization (year). Document title [Publication type]. Retrieved from the web page:

Example: Sigma (2014). The Principles of Public Administration [Report]. Retrieved from

Legal sources
Law on General Administrative Procedure, Official Gazzette, 47/09

Court or administrative decisions
Rule: Decision Court name, Decision number, date

Example: Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia, U-I-351/2016, Zagreb, 20. 4. 2016.

Newspaper article
Rule: Surname, I. (year). Title of the article. Newspaper name, Newspaper number, page, date od publication

Example: Koprić, I. (2016.) Public administration and politics. Vrbovečke novine, 59, p. 6, 29.4.2016.

Blog or other online sources
Rule: Surname, I. or Username (data of publication). Title [Web log message]. Retrieved from http://www.example.

Example: Đulabić, V. (2016). Regionalization in Croatia. Retrieved from blog Administratio Publica