National Security Strategy of Ukraine: Conceptual Principles and Efficiency

  • Andrii Zahorulko PhD student, National Academy for Public Administration, Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: strategy, national security, international security, security and defence, military threat, armed conflict


Creating appropriate conditions for a stable development of the individual, society and state, and simultaneously providing a high level of protection of national interests, has been identified as a priority of the Ukrainian national security policy. The Ukrainian state ought to review all challenges and threats and adopt a new national security strategy. Current circumstances require the National Security Strategy of Ukraine of 2015 to become an integral functional element of the security and defence sector. The National Security Strategy has to become an open and mandatory document developed solely for the practical purpose of comprehensive protection of national security and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The implementation of these priorities is to be ensured through the restoration of peace and state sovereignty in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, by implementing a complex set of international, legal, political, diplomatic, security, humanitarian, and economic measures. The key implementation goal should focus on the establishment of the principles of safe and legal country, free in its choice of domestic and foreign political options and development tendencies. External threats are rather more dangerous than internal, but the content of geopolitical security is primarily based on the organic combination of external and internal security. The imperfection of national security legislation and the low efficiency of its implementation are the reason for malfunctioning of the defence sector, which makes ensuring the full realization of national interests impossible.